Cayman Islands Advantage

The Cayman Advantage

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about taxes – even though there is no direct income, capital gains, inheritance or profit taxes levied on individuals or companies in the Cayman Islands.

That’s a great bonus but there are other, more compelling reasons, starting with the Cayman Islands legal system, enhanced by progressive legislation over the years to maintain the Islands’ competitive edge.

In addition, the laws of the Cayman Islands are based on English Common Law and on the British Parliamentary system with an elected democratic government and are overseen by a British-appointed governor.

On the regulatory side, CIMA provides sensible and effective oversight of the Islands’ banks. No Cayman financial institution went bankrupt during the financial crisis of 2008.

Further, the Fraudulent Dispositions Law enhances the effectiveness and protection of assets within Cayman trusts.

All this is supported by a strong professional base that includes 40 of the world’s largest banks, major international law firms and the big four accounting firms, as well as excellent communications systems and direct air links to major cities across North America and Europe.

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Why trusted advisors recommend us

  • Many of our clients come to us from lawyers, accountants and financial advisors. They recommend Sackville because they know from experience that we never let them or their clients down.
  • They understand, and take comfort in Sackville’s financial strength, the depth of experience of the Bank’s management team and its employees, and the reputation of the Bank’s independent advisors and investment managers.
  • Sean Harrington, Sackville’s Chief Compliance Officer adds, “They also know we observe all rules and regulations and that we never take shortcuts in the interests of expediency.”
  • They also hear back from their clients and know that Sackville delivers on every promise and activity it undertakes.
  • At Sackville, we understand the complex needs of wealthy individuals. We possess the expertise and sophistication needed to deal with even the most complex structures.