Our Management Team

Our Team

Sackville’s management team has more than 100 years of experience in the banking and trust industry with some of the largest global institutions. The experience and technical expertise of Sackville’s management team have enabled it to quickly understand the needs of its clients and advisors in order to nurture lasting business relationships.

Michael Halsey and Andrew Needham together bring a solid, 50-year plus background at large financial institutions working with global ultra-high net worth clients.

Before joining Sackville, Michael and Andrew served as directors of a large Canadian bank in the Cayman Islands administering large complex structures.

Sean Harrington and Lauretta Bennett bring a further 30+ years of invaluable knowledge and experience in the bank and trust industry. They have access to an impressive network of specialised global resources providing the commitment and flexibility needed to ensure your objectives and requirements are met in an efficient, timely and seamless manner.

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